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Investigative Specialties

  • CELLULAR CNA – You supply us with cell number we will provide name and billing address.
  • CELLULAR ACQUISITON- You supply us with subject’s name, SS#, and state and we will provide you with all cellular phone numbers under that name and SS#.
  • CNA – You supply us with a published or non-published landline telephone number and we will provide you with the name and physical address.
  • NON Published Number: You supply us with the subjects name and physical address and we will provide you with all of the landline telephone numbers working at that location.
  • Utility Search
  • Post Office Box Search
  • Residential Tolls:
  • Credit Report:
  • Business Profile Financial Report:
  • Bank Account Search
  • Bank Account or Credit card Transaction
  • Place of Employment
  • DMV Record Search
  • Social Security Number Search
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Statewide Criminal Record Search